Looking For a Cellulite Cream That Works?

C'mon. Do cellulite treatments really work? I mean really. For example is there a cellulite cream that works? What about exercising your way to smoother skin? And how likely is it any of those $ 500 a session high tech options will melt your cellulite away?

Guess you could say it depends on what your definition of "work" is? As well as what you're trying to accomplish.

Catering to those desperate to shed that so called cottage cheese look is big business. One that offers many varied solutions. You name it. Everything from sea weed wraps to lotions to high tech fat melting is touted as cures. Yet you'll likely find precious few offer lasting solutions however.

For example creams are popular. Probably because you do not have to do a lot more than slather them on. Usually twice a day. Yet there's that voice in your head asking 'Do cellulite firming creams really work?', Is not there?

Well as long as you're using them faithfully they do work to a certain extent. That and you're not expecting miracles and you can wait through at least two weeks of daily use before seeing any improvements.

You see, creams do reduce the appearance of your cellulite – slightly. Either by tightening the skin or dehydrating the underling fat cells. Plus they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

A variation on that theme is tanning products. They help mask or camouflage the cellulite you've got too. Which works to make it look less noticeable. But it's still there.

Dieting or eating better is often touted as another approach that works.

Just not crash dieting. That is not only dumb in general, it can actually make your cellulite look worse. Yes it can. You see a rapid weight loss affects your skin's elasticity. Result? Those little dimples become more noticeable.

More permanent treatments that work to eliminate cellulite have been slow in coming. But there are new developments that are making inroads and promise long lasting results. Problem is while they may work on your cellulite they also do a number on your wallet as well. As such treatments are not exactly cheap and not usually covered by insurance.

Take Wellbox. It's an example of a new trendy product you can use in the privacy of your home. WellBox uses suctioning action to boost circulation to the affected areas through a combination of tissue rolling and lifting. Of course while you may love the results, your wallet may balk at the $ 1,500 price tag.

Radio frequency fat melting is another newer approach. Alma Accent XL uses a laser working in concert with a built in cooling system to melt away the cellulite. To get the results you seek a course of six 30 minute sessions are typically required. Each can run up to $ 500. Yet with this FDA approved procedure you should start seeing results after the first session. Plus the results should last up to six months – if you do not do any follow up maintenance.

Yet that's the drawback to most newer treatments. They might work but they're usually both in terms of time and money. As most require a series of treatments. And then there's the required follow up sessions to maintain the smooth cellulite free appearance.

Plus they do not exactly provide the immediate results our instant gratification society demands. Which means you can not tell it's working until you've invested serious money. And assures you'll hang in there despite the lack of results and nagging doubts that will plague you.

Still when three out of 10 women polled cite cellulite as what they want to change most about their body the search for solutions that work will continue. Whether it's a cellulite cream that works or something more high tech.

Source by Frank Farage

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