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24 Hilarious Sex Things That Happen In Every Harry Potter Fic

Accio lube. Before we get started, I'll be the first to say that tropes exist for a reason and that's because they can be FUN AND DELIGHTFUL. I for one will never tire of reading about Harry and Draco snogging in a broom closet — so there's no hating here. But that doesn't mean there's not stuff to make fun of. SO, OKAY. LET'S LAUGH ABOUT SOME HP SMUT. First things first, the Room of Requirement is wildly abused for shenanigans. I mean, it's also known as the Come and Go Room, soooo what did the Hogwarts founders expect? Warner Bros. / Via Not to mention, the astronomy tower sees its fair share of sex. Because stars? Or something? Shockingly, not a lot of word count gets dedicated to describing how cold and uncomfortable it would be to HAVE SEX IN AN OUTDOOR STONE TOWER, but okay. Warner Bros. / Via Ditto the library. If a pairing features Hermione Granger, you best believe there is library sex in it. Warner Bros. / Via There’s an obscene amount of sex on the floor or against walls because hey, shagging around the castle is definitely a good idea. Luckily, Mrs. Norris always turns a blind eye. / Via Speaking of shagging, Briticisms are sprinkled liberally across sex scenes. An HP fic sex scene isn't complete without lots of ~snogging~. Warner Bros. / Via There are spells that definitely don’t exist in the books, namely for contraceptive purposes. Hogwarts didn't even have pencils. You think they had condoms? / Via Not to mention lube spells. Honestly, I'm not mad about it. At least fic is promoting the use of lube in a healthy sex life!!! Warner Bros. / Via And engorgio. Enough said. Which, unnecessary. It's not the length of wand that matters, it's how you swish and flick it. Warner Bros. / Via If we’re being honest, wands are occasionally brought into sex in an entirely inappropriate way. Vibratio! Warner Bros. / Via If characters are boning in their dorm, they cast a silencing spell so they can get down behind drawn bed curtains like it’s no big thing. Sharing a dorm room with four other people is no obstacle when you have silencio! Warner Bros. / Via Speaking of, characters sneak into each other’s dorms like it’s NBD, even if they’re in completely different houses. Not to split hairs, but NO OUTSIDER HAS ENTERED THE SLYTHERIN COMMON ROOM FOR MORE THAN SEVEN CENTURIES*, PEOPLE CAN'T JUST COME AND GO AS THEY PLEASE TO FUCK DRACO MALFOY!!! *Until Harry and Ron did in Chamber of Secrets. I know, I know. Warner Bros. / Via But weirdly enough, student/teacher relationships are less of a big deal??? Feel free to @me, but I'm judging anyone who's ever written Snape into a sex scene. And there are a lot of you. When characters in different houses bone, they’re referred to as their

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21 Things Gynecologists Want You To Know About Your Period

“Is this normal?!” Then we spoke with board-certified gynecologist Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive science at the Yale School of Medicine to get her expert responses on these questions. And here's what she had to say: Why is the blood darker in the end of the period? —vitoriafirmino “That's a really good question! Some of the darker blood that comes out has been hanging around the uterus for a while, so it's older blood. But not to worry, because it's perfectly common and healthy.” Kotex Why exactly do my poop habits change around and during my period? —caitlinef “I have a scientific answer for that. The uterus makes something called prostaglandins during the period. They are chemicals that are responsible for our menstrual cramps. They squeeze smooth muscles of uterus and intestines, which contracts muscles and changes your bowel habits. Some women are more sensitive to the prostaglandins they make. It also can cause nausea. Some people have sort of a trifecta: diarrhea, nausea, and cramps. The things that can help with prostaglandins are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Motrin, Aleve, etc.) are NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) — which block the making of more prostaglandins. If you're getting a lot of cramps, use NSAIDs. The key thing about managing cramps is taking it early. Also, women who take birth control pills make less prostaglandins. When you ovulate, you make more prostaglandins.” MTV Why do I get so emotional when i’m on my period? —karlijns2 “There's not a scientific answer for that, but there is something called PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) which is 'bad' PMS. There is strict medical criteria for this. Basically, these are really bad symptoms of anxiety, food cravings, irritability, bloating, full breasts discomfort. These symptoms get worse right before the period. We do know the same things we use to treat depression work pretty well for PMDD; SSRI anti-depressants work well for it.” FOX When I wear a menstrual cup and I lay down, does the blood go back in? —franciew2 “The answer is no, it will not go back up into the uterus. It stays in the cup.” Matiasenelmundo / Getty Images Is it true that if you never get your period ever, you cannot get pregnant? —catfarmer “That's not true. It's hard to imagine someone who has a uterus not getting a period ever. For example, if I have someone who reached the age of seventeen and doesn't have a period, we usually evaluate the period medically. There are people who have certain genetic abnormalities which lead them to never get a period. Those women would not get pregnant.” CW When I was growing up, I was told that leaving tampons in longer than four hours could open you up to risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, but most girls I know sleep in tampons. Isn’t this a bad idea, and really dangerous? —jmac1973 “I would say four hours is overcautious. The magic number would be about 12 hours. We encourage women

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