Exercise is quite possibly the best way to get rid of cellulite.

Do These 3 Things to Stay Cool on Hot Summer Runs

High temps coupled with high humidity can make it pretty unbearable for your workouts. It’s not only uncomfortable, but overheating could lead to cramping or even heatstroke. Here are some ways you can use the power of water to keep cool. 1682150 Wet head: Before heading out, take a quick cold shower to cool down your skin. Soak your hair, leave it dripping wet, and stick it in a tight bun. As you run, the wind will feel amazing on your cool head. If your hair is short, sport a wet bandana instead. Bring along a bottle of water and periodically pour some on your head to keep up the cooling effects. Ice sock: Many athletes such as Olympic marathoner Deena Kastor wear an ice vest before competing. It lowers their body temperature, and in turn, it increases their endurance when exercising in the heat. You can get the same effects throughout your entire workout with an ice sock. Use an old piece of panty hose (because it’s stretchy and lightweight) and fill it with ice cubes using a funnel until it’s about six inches long. Knot the open end and stick it in your sports bra between your shoulder blades. No doubt, it’ll feel shockingly cold at first, but once you start running and heating up, as the ice melts, it’ll feel so good dripping down your back. Frozen towel: Keeping your neck cool will also prevent heat exhaustion, and one way to do it is with a frozen towel. Soak a thin, lightweight hand towel, wring out the excess water, and lay it flat in your freezer for at least an hour. Right before you’re ready to head out, wrap the towel around your neck and secure it with safety pins. Granted, it’s not the most attractive accessory, but it sure will keep you cool. Source link Read more

Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes With This No-Equipment HIIT Workout

There are a lot of excuses people use to skip workouts — let’s review: “I can’t make it to the gym.” “I’m really busy this week.” “I don’t have a treadmill/dumbbells/insert any and all fancy gym equipment here.” “I’m always traveling.” If you’ve ever used one of the above reasons to talk yourself out of exercising, this no-excuses workout is for you. Austin Lopez, CSCS and owner of AUSome Fit, was kind enough to create this bodyweight HIIT workout when I tried to list all the reasons I couldn’t exercise during an upcoming trip. Nice guy, right? This workout requires zero pieces of equipment and very little space and takes up an entire two percent of your day. TWO PERCENT. After a test on our end — heart rate monitor and all — we found that it only takes 30 minutes but still manages to burn over 300 calories. 43472077 The Workout Start with a dynamic warmup. Move through circuit one, then rest for half the amount of time it took you to complete the circuit before running through it again. Complete circuit one a total of four times. Move through circuit two, then rest for the half the amount of time it took you to complete the circuit before running through it again. Complete circuit two a total of three times. End with a cooldown. Source link Read more

People Swear by This Easy, Unexpected Tea Recipe as an Insomnia Remedy

If you’ve ever experienced bouts of insomnia, then you know how unbelievably stressful and exhausting it can be to lay restless and unable to sleep at night, even when you’d like nothing more than to be embraced by slumber. Many insomnia sufferers search high and low for remedies, and it seems that for many, the cure for insomnia is found in an unexpected place: their kitchen. Or, more specifically, their fruit basket. Homemade banana tea is a go-to solution for many restless sleepers, some of whom have taken to social media to praise the easy recipe for their soothing nights of sleep. Not familiar with banana tea? Allow us to explain: people boil chunks of washed banana — peel on — then strain the liquid to drink. To improve the flavor of this tea, some people also add cinnamon sticks to the banana mix as it boils, then a splash of warm nut milk once the tea is done. You can also eat the boiled banana on the side of the tea. It makes sense for this home remedy to work as a sleep aid, considering all of the health benefits of bananas. Because the fruit is extremely high in tryptophan, which triggers the release of calming seratonin, as well as potassium and magnesium, it’s basically the perfect secret weapon to improve sleep! Of course, the effectiveness of home remedies varies from person to person, and extreme insomniacs should always seek guidance from a professional to treat lingering sleep issues. Read on for photos and success stories from banana tea drinkers. Source link Read more