Are You Able to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Lets get the bad news out of the way first. No you are not able to get rid of cellulite completely, but you are able to reduce the appearance of cellulite. How to do this we will let you know in a while. Firstly we need to understand what cellulite is and what the causes are.

As we know cellulite is the orange peel look to our skin. It is cause by overfilled fat pockets that lie just under the surface of the skin. The fat pockets became enlarged, resulting in the overlying skin dimpling in.

Cellulite is most commonly found on your thighs, stomach and bottom. Whilst woman and girls are more prone to cellulite, some men do suffer from it to.For some of us cellulite has a big impact as to how we look. Preferring to cover up on the beach or wear a longer skirt on a night out. Rather than showing the world our cellulite.

To find out if you have cellulite all you have to do is pinch the skin around the area you suspect of being cellulite. If the skin you are pinching is lumpy then you most likely have cellulite. Do not worry though you certainly are not alone. You only have to pick up the latest celebrity magazine to see that.

What Causes Cellulite?

1. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity. This can mean that it is easier for the fat to rise to the skins surface. Here as you get older you can be more prone to cellulite.

2. Unfortunately cellulite can be hereditary. Many women whose mother has cellulite follow in their footsteps.

3. If you have gained weight then your body will be carrying more fat. Meaning that there is simply more fat which can rise to the surface of the skin. As we all know though if you are slim you will not need to avoid cellulite

4. Here is one cause that I bet you would not even have thought about and that is stress. Stress will have a big impact on how your body looks. Try keeping stress to a minimum in order to keep you body looking and feeling at its best.

How To Help Prevent Cellulite

1. Your Diet: What you eat and drink will and does have an impact. We are all told to drink more water. Not only is it important because it keeps us hydrated but it also flushes out the toxins which are stored in the fat tissue. Drinking fluids with too much fat or sugar or foods high in salt and refined carbohydrates will not help prevent cellulite.

2. Exercising: It's a pain I know, but facts are facts. Regular exercise will help maintain the shape of your body and help tone muscles. This will have the knock on effect of helping circulation and improving your blood flow to areas that are concrete to cellulite.

3. Smoking: When you are a smoker you will be inhaling poisons and toxins with each cigarette you smoke. Meaning these toxins are building up in your body and restricting blood circulation. Meaning your cells will not have the correct nutrition or oxygen. Quitting smoking will not only be beneficial to your health but also to tackling cellulite.

4. Stress: As we said above stress can play a big part of how you look and feel. By making time to relax you will not only help to tackle cellulite but you will also be a much calmer and happier you.

5. Massage: This is not only a great way to relax and de-stress but also improve your circulation and flush out toxins. Remember though when having a massage treat your whole body and not just the area where you have the problem

What can you do to get rid of cellulite?

As we have said there is no miracle cure to get rid of cellulite completely. However there are cellulite creams available. Remember to steer clear of those promising to get rid of your cellulite completely! Along with looking after yourself using the tips above will help you reduce or even prevent cellulite from occurring.

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