• How to Spot the Virus That Puts Some Babies in The Hospital

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  • People Have a LOT of Feelings About The New York Times's Brussels Sprouts Sliders

    Brussels sprouts are one of the most crowd-pleasing sides during the holidays, but one recipe from The New York Times has people talking — and not in a good way. The Times published a recipe for Brussels Sprouts Sliders, which you might at first envision as traditional burger sliders with roasted or shredded brussels sprouts on top (yum!). But no, these “sliders” have a tempeh filling enclosed in two halved brussels sprouts acting as the buns. While the recipe has a four-star rating out of 180 reviews and does sound pretty tasty (hello, garlic-tamari marinade), Twitter users couldn’t help but find it a little . . . funny. Your new favorite Thanksgiving appetizer: brussels sprouts sliders https://t.co/kq9i7NrggH — The New York Times (@nytimes) November 20, 2017 The NYT describes the appetizer as, “A creative and fun way to enjoy a great Fall and Winter vegetable: crunchy ‘buns’ of roasted brussels sprouts with a tasty middle — a confit of caramelized onions, tangy mustard and savory tempeh.” Surely this recipe would appeal to plenty of people out there, but take a look at some of the humorous responses from people who are giving it a hard pass. Bacon wrapped Brussels sprout sliders….has potential. — MzDee☕ (@PriceMD70) November 20, 2017 pic.twitter.com/VzJfpl4vFC — 红色娘子军🌹 (@detachment_red) November 20, 2017 I would rather eat my own fingers. — Kealan Patrick Burke (@KealanBurke) November 20, 2017 Now THAT’s Fake News. — Robert Jago (@rjjago) November 20, 2017 Perfect way to get uninvited to future gatherings. — me. (@blahzayskippy) November 20, 2017 I dont think they would be that bad! — Doug Snyder (@snyderdoug) November 20, 2017 I love Brussels sprouts but this is ridiculous. — Elegant Goose (@ElegantGoose) November 20, 2017 pic.twitter.com/TNimAZeiw5 — Cyber Loli Demon King 🇨🇦 (@JayBrotatoe) November 21, 2017 First it was peas in my guac, now it’s brussels sprouts to replace buns? Is nothing sacred in 2017?! — Marissa D (@marissad415) November 20, 2017 If you’re looking for an exciting brussels sprouts recipe that’s not quite as unexpected, try low-carb bacon and brussels sprouts skewers. Source link

  • Birth Control Quiz: Test Your Medical IQ

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  • Fitness Focus Copy-and-Share: Women and Cardiovascular Disease

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  • Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

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  • 4 Physique-Friendly Breakfast Recipes

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    This Juice Is Excellent For REMOVING URIC ACID From The Body & Reducing Joint Pain!!

  • Health Tip: Talking With Your Child's Cancer-Care Team

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  • Can Dogs Help With Maintaining Motivation?

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  • Over 65 Crazy-Stylish Activewear Pieces — Every Single One is Under $47

    It’s not Jonathan Simkhai for Carbon 38 . . . and it’s not Lululemon x Taryn Toomey. In fact, there’s no designer collab in this collection — it’s simply Target’s new fashion-forward activewear line, JoyLab. We’re swooning over gorgeously clean lines, beautiful colors, soft florals, and styles that look flawless on all body types. The collection debuted Oct. 1, and we’re certain we need all of it, especially because the prices range from $15 to $47, with leggings hovering around the $25 to $35 mark. TAKE OUR MONEY. 43467221 Source link